The Domus Promise

Domus Staff Housing is the Group’s specialist staff accommodation division which brings several key disciplines plus our own staffing operations and development teams to assist asset owners. The efficient and comfortable provision of accommodation which ensures higher staff satisfaction, better staff health and wellbeing as well as overhead efficiency is what Domus Staff Housing can achieve.

Domus Staff Housing can take a high quality staff housing project from initial investment analysis, design and development, right through to delivery and ongoing management. Undertaking along the way full feasibility, project oversight and operational management of the facility post takeover.

Domus Development Services

Domus Development Services specializes in the delivery of staff housing and large scale complexes. With decades of development experience our team looks after all aspects of the project:

- A detailed master plan including site capacity, utilities, transport and servicing requirements for the land based on requirements for the development agreed between the Parties
- Concept drawings for the buildings and associated infrastructure
- Preliminary specifications including the number of accommodation units, areas of units, shared facilities and common areas and parking
- A list of all planning, construction, traffic impact or other consent, building regulation and RTA approvals
- Full financial feasibility including where applicable IRR, ROE and ROI analysis
- Project construction oversight from tender process and award, project work programming through delivery and approvals
- Regular monthly analysis and transparent reporting

Domus truly delivers a turnkey staff and management accommodation project with the knowledge and experience that only an experienced asset owner and developer can bring.

Domus Management Services

The proficient management of scaled staff accommodation projects is both a time consuming and financial burden for any asset owner or operator. Domus Management Services brings our own key learnings from the hospitality industry to the fore by offering a 360 management service.

From overseeing all third party contracts covering areas such as catering, security and transportation through to providing asset owners with clear and concise cost analysis on a regular basis from best-of-class reporting Domus Management Services allows owners to concentrate on their core asset performance knowing that one large cost component is managed by a capable and practiced expert.

Domus Investment Services

Domus Investment Services sources capital for large scale accommodation projects through a diverse network of both institutions and HNW investors with a desire to place significant funding into this growing asset class.

Providing investors with the transparent and detailed analysis of capital requirement, displaying realistic and progressive returns as well as introducing like-minded financial institutions from whom lending is both available and cost effective, Domus Investment Services can help pull all stakeholders to a capital solution for their accommodation needs.