Welcome to Bespoke

A sophisticated global hospitality brand of owned, managed and leased landmark properties. Bespoke Hotels has grown to represent a network of properties worldwide, and now stands as one of the largest independent hotel groups in the world.

- 3 Million regular Bespoke Guests
- Over 200 hotels & locations in 26 cities across 30 countries
- 14,000 hotel keys in Bespoke globally
- $1.5 Billion of assets under management or marketed

There is no typical Bespoke Hotel. Each is individual and we celebrate the difference. Behind the scenes though, our methods and processes are equal and rigorous. This enables us to operate hotels from two to five star level and deliver significant profit enhancement and shareholder value.

Bespoke in name and nature, we will provide all the structure and process you would expect from any other branded operator, and we tailor-made our contracts to ensure your “hotel is the hero”.

Build your hotel brand over and above our own ensuring ongoing value for property owners and investors.

Bespoke Hotels Middle East & Africa

Our recently developed joint venture with Bespoke Hotels has brought Bespoke International’s world class distribution and hospitality service to the MEA region. Within this overarching best-in-class backbone, Bespoke MEA has developed four distinct units handling a diverse range of property assets.

With operational excellence and asset value maximization as our core strengths, Bespoke Hotels MEA can enable asset owners to clearly distinguish their property from the crowded marketplace which the region’s tourist sector has become.

Bespoke Hotels injects the distribution know-how, marketing expertise and sense of style that clearly elevates hotel assets above the herd. By sourcing Bespoke Hotels as a chosen operator, asset owners can safely place their hospitality holdings with our team knowing that both their and their guests’ experience will be world class.

Acknowledging the better regulated and growing desire for flexibility in the UAE’s high end real estate sector, Bespoke MEA has launched Bespoke Holiday Homes to the region. Through our DTCM regulated Holiday Homes license, we offer individual asset holders the regions first fully branded operational management for individual properties.

Allowing flexibility in usage and a wide reaching marketing platform, individual property owners can become hoteliers in their own rights. Couple this with EXPO 2020’s fast approach and Bespoke Holiday Homes is uniquely placed to ensure retail investors can take advantage of the pace the Dubai tourism moves at whilst ensuring compliance, value maximization and flexibility.

IFA Real Estate Services’ existing property management arm has been augmented by the introduction of Bespoke to our professional management team. This business truly encapsulates the Group’s overarching drive to bring “Hospitality excellence to property management”.

The discipline, service orientation and synergies within our group ensure that individual owners can place their properties in our care. Bespoke Property Management’s services include:

- Full Tenancy Management - including finance, legal and maintenance services
- Preventive Maintenance – inspections and preventative care
- Tenant services – housekeeping, handyman, decoration, limousine and concierge

Value is added to landlords through sound financial management, excellence in tenant servicing as well as those additional hospitality touches that ensure client satisfaction and lower churn.

Bespoke Residences turns residential assets into destination properties, enhancing yield and service for stakeholders. By instilling a sense of individual and collective excellence to the asset’s operation, elevating standards and the assets perception Bespoke Residences advances value for residential asset owners wishing to transform their product.

Bespoke Residences has a proven international record of converting run-of-the-mill properties to truly international class residential havens. .