About Aria

Annually, Dubai attracts approximately 6.4million leisure visitors and boasts year-round occupancy rates of 70%. These visitors, drawn each year to the city’s stunning beaches, wide variety of attractions, amenities and events, make Dubai an ideal home base to launch a vacation club.

Aria Vacation Club’s Product contains a proprietary points system backed by physical nights’ accommodation. This solution allows members unprecedented flexibility in usage, location and exchange. Through the Group’s partnership with RCI Middle East, exchange and points within both regular and premier resorts opens up an unmatched world of vacation destinations. Set up in partnership with Tijaria from Kuwait, Aria VC intends to spread our distinctive brand of shared ownership system to a cross continental audience.

Aria Sales and Marketing Services

Aria Vacation Club management comes with a wealth of experience in sales and marketing operational and strategic management. A proven track record in recording both volume and return on investment within the shared ownership industry.

Owners of assets suitable for shared ownership often overlook the level of expertise and investment required to benefit from this asset class. Utilising experts in the field ensures that the product mix, pricing strategy and marketing channels are efficiently managed.

Aria Club Services

The backbone of any shared ownership concern is the manner in which club members are serviced and their ongoing experiences. Great client administration and service leads to enhanced customer acquisition through owner upgrades, reloads and referrals.

With a shared ownership product of such diversity and flexibility Aria Vacation Club’s back office and client servicing can ensure that ongoing marketing costs are managed as well as providing a customer base with heightened satisfaction ratings and loyalty.

Aria Resort Operations

Yielding the most profitable and efficient use of inventory is vital for the long term success of any shared ownership program. Aria’s operational support relies on a proven backbone of both infrastructure and personnel offering exceptional experience in this crucial area of any shared ownership venture.

By utilizing both sold and unsold stock efficiently, members and asset owners can be supported in a manner that ensures a satisfied client base whilst maintaining higher revenues for weeks than remain in inventory for an extended period.

Aria’s Home Resort

Aria’s home resort will be located on the striking Crescent of Palm Jumeirah within Balqis Residence. Sixty purpose built suites have been acquired and are scheduled for operation in 2017. Aria intends to showcase what can be achieved within a shared ownership space which is currently under-served compared with markets in Europe, USA and South East Asia.

By highlighting such a prestigious location, as the first in what we intend to be an array of assets within Dubai, Aria Vacation Club seeks to prove that the Vacation Club industry can display real value to both luxury asset owners and ongoing leisure seekers who require a best-of-class destination that Palm Jumeirah can bring.